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International Merchants

Expand your business to the Global Market

International Merchant Accounts allow you to expand your business easily and cost effectively.

DeltaPay is a proven international credit card processor. With our global banking relationships we are ready when you are ready to expand your market. Processing in other countries sometimes requires you accept payments in other currencies. No Problem! DeltaPay not only can accept payments in many different currencies, we can convert in real-time your payment to whatever other currency you desire. As an international card processor we will help you grow your business so that you can become part of the Global Marketplace.

Download Application

Download our pre-application, fill up and send it back for approval.
Required Documents
To speed up the process download the list of standard required documents.

Application Process

Pre-Approval - Stage 1
  • Completed and Signed Application. Including the following:
  • If merchant pass pre-approval check, then we will issue the website compliance report and list of the missing/incomplete forms and documents to request from the merchant.
  • Signing in business rules declaration (to be provided) and to register the descriptor.
Account Setup - Stage 2
  • Signing the merchant agreement (to be provided)
  • Integration stage, test account
  • Account Credentials with Merchant Portal login sent
  • Board and go-live.

Special Notice

Become Our Reseller
DELTAPAY.BIZ is currently seeking to take on new resellers for our merchant services business. This is an amazing, extremely lucrative opportunity for any seasoned professional, entrepreneur or someone experienced in the online merchant services industry. Our affiliate program is ideal for web hosting companies, web designers, marketing companies, and anyone with a web site or an online business who wants to make money, no matter how small the business.

If you are interested, please contact us at:


If you decide to become an reseller, we put everything you need to sell, right at your fingertips.

International Merchant Accounts


With our experience and industry knowledge, we can offer merchant accounts to even high risk merchants! providing our merchant clients with access to many leading International Banks and Acquirers, we guarantee high approval rates!

Our payment gateway and our operation support is equipped with not just transaction processing, but also fraud prevention, risk management, and chargeback management services, that provides the tools to high risk merchants in order to maintain their accounts below the thresholds and to avoid account closures! DeltaPay delivers secure online transaction processing in a true "one-stop-shop" environment.

At DELTAPAY.BIZ, we make it possible for your business to expand to the global market and with DeltaPay's unique international payment gateway your payment requirements are covered!.