Full Application Programming Interface (API) Manual available with sample codes.
Find all the integration documentation here: http://api.deltapay.biz/


  • Email Invoice function let's you start immediately without any technical integration
  • VT for Manually entering credit card information for mail or phone order (MOTO) sales
  • Email Invoice is a very safe and secure method for online payments
  • Refund money to a customer's credit card
  • Automatically bill customers for recurring charges


Real-Time Reports
Secure login account with real-time reports.
Technical Support
Our technical support team is ready to assist your integration. live support via Skype group chat.


Integrate your website directly into our payment gateway. This means that your customers enter their credit card information and delivery/billing address on your website. This method requires some programming skills. Because the customer's credit card information is colleted on your website and may be stored, you will have to be PCI compliant (We will require filled SAQ D forms and quarterly scan reports from providers like McAfee).