DeltaPay Partners works with many international banks which are capable of handline large volumes of card processing. We are looking for independent sales agents who are interested in a proven business opportunity with unlimited profit potential. Gain the fexibility to start and build your own business with an industry leader and achieve financial success.
Partnership Program


DELTAPAY is one of the leading Payment Service Providers on the global market. Our international network of partnerships with acquiring banks allows us to offer our clients an impressive variety of credit and debit cards and various local payment methods. We constantly research and monitor acquiring banks and other Internet Payment Service Providers in order to be able to offer the best fees and customer service.

The Referral Partnership Program allows partners to refer potential clients to DELTAPAY in return for a revenue commission for those accounts that are successfully acquired and generate revenue. Our Referral Partners offer our payment solutions to their clients as a secure, tried and trusted payment solution. You refer a potential new merchant to DELTAPAY and we will take it from there.

We will guide your clients through every step of the application process including the integration process and one-on-one administration tutorials. All merchant support is handled by our technical team, so it is not necessary for you to be involved in gateway support services.

Resellers are able to follow up with all new merchant applications and track existing merchant activities in an automated mode through our Reseller administration reporting.

DELTAPAY is a PCI compliant Internet merchant account and credit card processing service for E-commerce businesses worldwide. Our clients range from blue-chip companies to start-ups with innovative products or services to sell directly over the Internet.

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Key benefits to partners
  • An impressive range of payment solutions to offer to your International clients
  • A large variety of e-commerce business models can be accepted
  • Flexible commission structures
  • Punctual monthly commissions payout
  • Access to an online fully automated administration back office
Key benefits to your clients
  • Support all popular payment methods
  • Process payments via an IPSP solution or an own merchant account
  • Attractive fees
  • One-stop-shop; a complete payment solution, including a merchant account /IPSP solution, anti fraud module, online back office and many more payment features
  • Fraud prevention; the business of your client is protected from fraud with our wide range of risk management services
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DELTA PAY has partnered with various respected acquiring banks throughout Europe, Asia, Africa. We are constantly looking for new relationships with acquiring banks & Processors. If you feel that you can be of any assistance, please contact us: